Uber-Hyena-Commander-Drool Room

From last time: We had a room full of acid, some folks almost died while we were fought the gnolls in the acid. We got Cosdian to stop the acid and that is where we stopped.

Alani hears barking on the other side of the stone door. Cosdian cannot determine the mechanism to unlock the doors. Luna rips more of her clothing apart. Why, we are not sure. Then the smell of raw meat pervades the immediate area. Errrrh… T’Caar begins to pry open the doors and one of the dogs pokes a snout through, Alani tries to get an arrow on it. Luna manages to throw a meat-cloth into the room and one of the dogs goes for it. Then Luna remembers that she can cast sleep and tries to send the two hyenas to nappy time. We then see more movement and can see a larger, dire, hyena that some of the gnolls are releasing. Jon pushes into the room, to allow the others to form up behind him, and the uber hyena commander and on of its minions attack him. “Some help would be good here!” Luna finally gets off a good magic missile, causing harm to the uber commander hyena. Alani jumps into the room, and lays some serious smack on the uber hyena, allowing T’Caar to get an attack of opportunity. That hyena is uber-hurt. Another gnoll and the hyenas decide to hurt Jon to an uber-level. Jon flexes valiantly. Luna’s eldritch power fails her and the rest of us. Jon manages to kill one hyena but Alani is turning all of them into pincushions. T’Caar and Ryoshi do their best to not die. We do manage to subdue the last one, after killing the others. We get him bandaged and such. We have to let him rest and heal. There may be stuff in the room, but we may not take it. We shall see next time.

Gnoll aftermath

We spend some time getting set up in Cliff’s new program. We figure the Gnolls came from below. We decide to continue resting, use healing surges and so on. This is the point where my battery goes on reserve power. Zzzzz….

Changing the target

We placed the note and came back to wait. Alani is reading the book, Luna is enjoying other elves. While we wait, we decide to go to Dwarven Barter Town. Luna talks to a patron, huge dog-like person. He is nice enough to her. Warns her to keep her ears covered. Some folk might be interested in her as property. We wander about, taking stock of the place. Get some supplies. Luna just keeps talking to folks and having a grand ole time. Alani has some insights in her reading. We get back eventually get back and find a dead blackbird on our doorstep. T’Caar flips it over and finds a note pinned to it. Cosdian can tell it was poisoned. Luna opens it and it contains directions in a very precise script, reminiscent of back home. “Meet me here in two weeks, and tell how you came to be in this unique predicament. Lord Donal” Does not sound like so much of an invite, as much as an order. We decide to enlist the gnoll, Grath, as some extra muscle. We tell Thario our intentions and Cosdian sees him do some sort of ritual. He obviously thinks Thario is communicating with someone about us. Sammaea gives us 10 Potions of Vigor, 15 temp HP, drink the potion instead of a healing surge. Thario takes us towards our destination but we spot him writing in blood on a parchment. Luna tries to figure it out. T’Caar gets him to let us out near Highport. Then T’Caar asks him straight out what he has been doing with the parchment. Thario looks at him, “Oh yeah, you’re not from around here.” He shows us the chart and how he works it. It seems completely legit. Grath knows the top slavers are known as the Bloodreavers. As we discuss further our own motivations for being here, we decide to head further inland, ignore Donal and the politics he may be a part of, and find out more about somehow closing the portals and keeping Gilead and Phyrexia separate from this world. Thunder Spire is on our way to Ravnica and we may find more info on the slave ring. We make a command decision to find transportation in Highport, then head east. Some of us have a harder time adjusting to traveling than others. During the travels and travails, Cosdian’s watch is disturbed. By an arrow to the shoulder. We try to rally to his cry for help but are slow to the cause. Things look grim at first but we turn the tide. The last one tries to surrender, but Ryoshi goes at the same time and turns him into a pincushion. Owch.

Laying the bait

On the way to the boat we discuss what to tell the elves. We decide to tell them as little as possible. Luna is very happy to have other full elves to talk to about any manner of things. Since it seems, somehow, that our home city is responsible for this slave trade, we discuss possibilities like closing the gate ie: destroying it and leaving us here. Not all of the party is on board with that since there are people back home that depend on us. Namely, Jon Snow knows that no one else, or precious few, will protect or stand up for the Kithkin(basically the slave caste). T’Caar is questioned about what we found out by the elves who are with Thario who owns the boat, he doesn’t tell them much, and we start to head back. Thario, the dwarf, is more than happy about our return because it means his debt to the elves is finished. Thario mentions he will head back to Fallen and this reminds us of the slaver that mentioned Fallen being a hub for the slave trade. We make it back and the other dwarf, Bartel, spits on the boat as he leaves, giving Thario a mean look. We are taken back to the same accommodations we had before. In the middle of the night we are roused by T’Caar. Not aroused, per se. One of the Elders brings us some penis jokes. And wants to know the truth of our findings. He tells us there are many opposed to our being here. S’Kella, speaker for the elves of deep shadow, is one of them. He says that humans are behind all this. T’Caar decides we can trust him and we speak freely. The Elder then asks us about Raesh again, we rehash it and shows us a sheaf of papers that are the last rambling thoughts of Raesh. Then he tells us that Raesh had come to them after the Breaking and what he had done before, when he made Gilead, was something he had given up. He was no longer the great person he had been. Phryexia and a creature called Yawgmoth were blamed for what had happened to Gilead. Yawgmoth was demon of terrible power. Some of the drawings have what look like what happened at the portal to people from Gilead. Some other thoughts he had were that people of Syrne were more resistant to the machinations of Yawgmoth. Hence we are real and not artifice. Phyrexia was sealed away but it may come back if we manage to bring Gilead back into phase. The Elder tells us that there are three dozen portals scattered around the land, all created by Raesh. It would seem we have been sent here as patsies to take the fall. If we meet with the Council, we cannot let all this information out. We should convey that we found it to be a hub for a much larger operation out of Fallen. T’Caar asks if there is a way to close the portals, and the Elder admits they know little about them. And that the only way to disable them is to “turn the key in the closed rom”. Meaning that it has to be done from withing Gilead. The Elder tells us of another city that may be friendly to our cause would be Ravnica. We discuss if we should try to take on Donal or go back to Gilead. Then we head to meet the Council. They accept our explanation of what we found in Highport and that we need to get more information. We roll things around and it seems like the fact of Donal being means he is working to help fund the effort to bring Gilead and Phyrexia out of phase. Also, it seems like the slaving is actually a way of rounding up mages and getting one to open the portal for him. We decide to lure Donal to us with a note to give up Luna to him. We will find out what this gets us next time.

To slave or not to save

Deliberations while resting lead us to attempt to investigate further. We hear voices and open a door to see an orc down the passage. Luna jumps to the attack and magic missiles its head into mist. Inspiring the other orcs to come find out what happened. They seem to also have a some other block or cube moving down the hall, we oil the floor and Luna lights it. The cube hits the fire and keeps coming. We make a bold retreat back into the muck. We hear other orcs coming our way and we head to the area where walkway narrows so we try and pick them off. We see eight orcs coming. Luna casts light on them so we can see them well. They are unfazed and continue towards us. We engage them and Cosdian fades from their site. Luna tries to get them with cloud of daggers, Ryoshi keeps plugging them with arrows, Alani continues running away, T’Caar sneaks(successfully) behind them. Jon continues to be martially challenged. Until the next round, when he finally takes one out. Finally! Unfortunately, Ryoshi takes a hit from a flying axe. We start to get the best of them. Until one of them eviserates Jon. T’Caar falls immediately after. But Alani gets her courage back and returns to the battle. Luna magic missiles the baddies. Alani, Cosdian, and Ryoshi finish off the rest with only a little trouble. We get back on our feet, a bit wobbly to be sure. Now we have to avoid any other patrols, and we get an action point back. Checking the orcs, we find Gilead style weapons and armor. Leading us to believe two things. Someone from Gilead may be supporting this slave ring. And someone is leaving Gilead on a more regular basis than we thought. Cosdian heads back to the rockpile room to see what is happening. He overhears someone from Gilead talking to the orcs. Cosdian recognizes him as Donal from House Syrne. Donal is telling an orc shaman to find the intruders, or else. Cosdian can see past them into the cavern beyond the rockpile and it looks like a whole warren of orcs. We know he was GranMama’s favorite, T’Caar probably got beat up by him semi-regularly. Jon’s Mother actually spurned Donal to marry Jon’s father. Hence Jon’s being so outcast in House Syrne. If he is here, that is probably the proof Gilead, and Syrne, is behind the slave ring. We choose discretion as the better part of valor and return first to Highport and the skaven alchemist, then back to the elves and their island. We recount our findings and end for the night.

Gross Combat
How not to fight

We are in the bowels of this place. We fought of some orcs(?) and move further into the dungeon. We climb over a wall, Ryoshi first, and we come to a gate/portcullis that T’Caar actually has the wherewithal to tear off its mounts. We come into a rectangular room with a room off of it that has a door and we hear voices approaching. We try and hide with T’Caars plan of hiding beneath the level of the muck we are in. Needless to say, it does not work as T’Caar is not quite under the water, but it does keep the orcs confused long enough to allow us to get ready for combat. We manage to survive and even capture one of the orcs to gain some information. He tells us that beyond the room they come out of are more orcs, their camp, their leader, who is a beast master, a shaman, and there are the slave pens with dwarves and elves. Some good ones. We deliberate about whether or not to try and free the slaves. We move back to another room to rest.

Level up
Get your levels

We spent a long time leveling up.

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