Uber-Hyena-Commander-Drool Room

From last time: We had a room full of acid, some folks almost died while we were fought the gnolls in the acid. We got Cosdian to stop the acid and that is where we stopped.

Alani hears barking on the other side of the stone door. Cosdian cannot determine the mechanism to unlock the doors. Luna rips more of her clothing apart. Why, we are not sure. Then the smell of raw meat pervades the immediate area. Errrrh… T’Caar begins to pry open the doors and one of the dogs pokes a snout through, Alani tries to get an arrow on it. Luna manages to throw a meat-cloth into the room and one of the dogs goes for it. Then Luna remembers that she can cast sleep and tries to send the two hyenas to nappy time. We then see more movement and can see a larger, dire, hyena that some of the gnolls are releasing. Jon pushes into the room, to allow the others to form up behind him, and the uber hyena commander and on of its minions attack him. “Some help would be good here!” Luna finally gets off a good magic missile, causing harm to the uber commander hyena. Alani jumps into the room, and lays some serious smack on the uber hyena, allowing T’Caar to get an attack of opportunity. That hyena is uber-hurt. Another gnoll and the hyenas decide to hurt Jon to an uber-level. Jon flexes valiantly. Luna’s eldritch power fails her and the rest of us. Jon manages to kill one hyena but Alani is turning all of them into pincushions. T’Caar and Ryoshi do their best to not die. We do manage to subdue the last one, after killing the others. We get him bandaged and such. We have to let him rest and heal. There may be stuff in the room, but we may not take it. We shall see next time.



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