To slave or not to save


Deliberations while resting lead us to attempt to investigate further. We hear voices and open a door to see an orc down the passage. Luna jumps to the attack and magic missiles its head into mist. Inspiring the other orcs to come find out what happened. They seem to also have a some other block or cube moving down the hall, we oil the floor and Luna lights it. The cube hits the fire and keeps coming. We make a bold retreat back into the muck. We hear other orcs coming our way and we head to the area where walkway narrows so we try and pick them off. We see eight orcs coming. Luna casts light on them so we can see them well. They are unfazed and continue towards us. We engage them and Cosdian fades from their site. Luna tries to get them with cloud of daggers, Ryoshi keeps plugging them with arrows, Alani continues running away, T’Caar sneaks(successfully) behind them. Jon continues to be martially challenged. Until the next round, when he finally takes one out. Finally! Unfortunately, Ryoshi takes a hit from a flying axe. We start to get the best of them. Until one of them eviserates Jon. T’Caar falls immediately after. But Alani gets her courage back and returns to the battle. Luna magic missiles the baddies. Alani, Cosdian, and Ryoshi finish off the rest with only a little trouble. We get back on our feet, a bit wobbly to be sure. Now we have to avoid any other patrols, and we get an action point back. Checking the orcs, we find Gilead style weapons and armor. Leading us to believe two things. Someone from Gilead may be supporting this slave ring. And someone is leaving Gilead on a more regular basis than we thought. Cosdian heads back to the rockpile room to see what is happening. He overhears someone from Gilead talking to the orcs. Cosdian recognizes him as Donal from House Syrne. Donal is telling an orc shaman to find the intruders, or else. Cosdian can see past them into the cavern beyond the rockpile and it looks like a whole warren of orcs. We know he was GranMama’s favorite, T’Caar probably got beat up by him semi-regularly. Jon’s Mother actually spurned Donal to marry Jon’s father. Hence Jon’s being so outcast in House Syrne. If he is here, that is probably the proof Gilead, and Syrne, is behind the slave ring. We choose discretion as the better part of valor and return first to Highport and the skaven alchemist, then back to the elves and their island. We recount our findings and end for the night.



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