Laying the bait

On the way to the boat we discuss what to tell the elves. We decide to tell them as little as possible. Luna is very happy to have other full elves to talk to about any manner of things. Since it seems, somehow, that our home city is responsible for this slave trade, we discuss possibilities like closing the gate ie: destroying it and leaving us here. Not all of the party is on board with that since there are people back home that depend on us. Namely, Jon Snow knows that no one else, or precious few, will protect or stand up for the Kithkin(basically the slave caste). T’Caar is questioned about what we found out by the elves who are with Thario who owns the boat, he doesn’t tell them much, and we start to head back. Thario, the dwarf, is more than happy about our return because it means his debt to the elves is finished. Thario mentions he will head back to Fallen and this reminds us of the slaver that mentioned Fallen being a hub for the slave trade. We make it back and the other dwarf, Bartel, spits on the boat as he leaves, giving Thario a mean look. We are taken back to the same accommodations we had before. In the middle of the night we are roused by T’Caar. Not aroused, per se. One of the Elders brings us some penis jokes. And wants to know the truth of our findings. He tells us there are many opposed to our being here. S’Kella, speaker for the elves of deep shadow, is one of them. He says that humans are behind all this. T’Caar decides we can trust him and we speak freely. The Elder then asks us about Raesh again, we rehash it and shows us a sheaf of papers that are the last rambling thoughts of Raesh. Then he tells us that Raesh had come to them after the Breaking and what he had done before, when he made Gilead, was something he had given up. He was no longer the great person he had been. Phryexia and a creature called Yawgmoth were blamed for what had happened to Gilead. Yawgmoth was demon of terrible power. Some of the drawings have what look like what happened at the portal to people from Gilead. Some other thoughts he had were that people of Syrne were more resistant to the machinations of Yawgmoth. Hence we are real and not artifice. Phyrexia was sealed away but it may come back if we manage to bring Gilead back into phase. The Elder tells us that there are three dozen portals scattered around the land, all created by Raesh. It would seem we have been sent here as patsies to take the fall. If we meet with the Council, we cannot let all this information out. We should convey that we found it to be a hub for a much larger operation out of Fallen. T’Caar asks if there is a way to close the portals, and the Elder admits they know little about them. And that the only way to disable them is to “turn the key in the closed rom”. Meaning that it has to be done from withing Gilead. The Elder tells us of another city that may be friendly to our cause would be Ravnica. We discuss if we should try to take on Donal or go back to Gilead. Then we head to meet the Council. They accept our explanation of what we found in Highport and that we need to get more information. We roll things around and it seems like the fact of Donal being means he is working to help fund the effort to bring Gilead and Phyrexia out of phase. Also, it seems like the slaving is actually a way of rounding up mages and getting one to open the portal for him. We decide to lure Donal to us with a note to give up Luna to him. We will find out what this gets us next time.



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