Gross Combat

How not to fight

We are in the bowels of this place. We fought of some orcs(?) and move further into the dungeon. We climb over a wall, Ryoshi first, and we come to a gate/portcullis that T’Caar actually has the wherewithal to tear off its mounts. We come into a rectangular room with a room off of it that has a door and we hear voices approaching. We try and hide with T’Caars plan of hiding beneath the level of the muck we are in. Needless to say, it does not work as T’Caar is not quite under the water, but it does keep the orcs confused long enough to allow us to get ready for combat. We manage to survive and even capture one of the orcs to gain some information. He tells us that beyond the room they come out of are more orcs, their camp, their leader, who is a beast master, a shaman, and there are the slave pens with dwarves and elves. Some good ones. We deliberate about whether or not to try and free the slaves. We move back to another room to rest.



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