Changing the target

We placed the note and came back to wait. Alani is reading the book, Luna is enjoying other elves. While we wait, we decide to go to Dwarven Barter Town. Luna talks to a patron, huge dog-like person. He is nice enough to her. Warns her to keep her ears covered. Some folk might be interested in her as property. We wander about, taking stock of the place. Get some supplies. Luna just keeps talking to folks and having a grand ole time. Alani has some insights in her reading. We get back eventually get back and find a dead blackbird on our doorstep. T’Caar flips it over and finds a note pinned to it. Cosdian can tell it was poisoned. Luna opens it and it contains directions in a very precise script, reminiscent of back home. “Meet me here in two weeks, and tell how you came to be in this unique predicament. Lord Donal” Does not sound like so much of an invite, as much as an order. We decide to enlist the gnoll, Grath, as some extra muscle. We tell Thario our intentions and Cosdian sees him do some sort of ritual. He obviously thinks Thario is communicating with someone about us. Sammaea gives us 10 Potions of Vigor, 15 temp HP, drink the potion instead of a healing surge. Thario takes us towards our destination but we spot him writing in blood on a parchment. Luna tries to figure it out. T’Caar gets him to let us out near Highport. Then T’Caar asks him straight out what he has been doing with the parchment. Thario looks at him, “Oh yeah, you’re not from around here.” He shows us the chart and how he works it. It seems completely legit. Grath knows the top slavers are known as the Bloodreavers. As we discuss further our own motivations for being here, we decide to head further inland, ignore Donal and the politics he may be a part of, and find out more about somehow closing the portals and keeping Gilead and Phyrexia separate from this world. Thunder Spire is on our way to Ravnica and we may find more info on the slave ring. We make a command decision to find transportation in Highport, then head east. Some of us have a harder time adjusting to traveling than others. During the travels and travails, Cosdian’s watch is disturbed. By an arrow to the shoulder. We try to rally to his cry for help but are slow to the cause. Things look grim at first but we turn the tide. The last one tries to surrender, but Ryoshi goes at the same time and turns him into a pincushion. Owch.



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